holography will

change how you

see the world

our vision

3D holographic experiences will unlock new ways to enjoy content and communicate

Computer-generated holography (CGH) is the only 3D display technology capable of unlocking a new era of immersive experiences that are integrated into the fabric of the world around us.

Click below to explore our vision, and how our early focus on AR & VR gaming paves the way for the holographic revolution.

Traditional 2D displays

AR displays currently on the market provide a stereoscopic image at a fixed distance in front of the user, like a projected screen. Attempts to bring objects within arms' reach often lead to vergence accommodation conflict (VAC).

VAC is a common problem in current VR and AR systems and for a large proportion of users it can lead to nausea and eye strain.

True 3D displays

Holographic displays engineer light to present objects at a range of distances within a user’s environment. Each object is locked into a real world position and the user can focus naturally on digital and physical objects at varying distances without the need for eye tracking. Digital objects can be brought close to the user and don’t conflict with the real-world, eliminating nausea or eye strain.

This enables a new standard of user comfort and unlocks long-form narrative possibilities in XR for the first time, propelling us into a new era of experience.


The pinnacle of display technology

Our proprietary computer-generated holographic technology will deliver digital realism beyond anything the world has experienced to date, making the virtual world indistinguishable from reality.

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Our origins can be traced back to a breakthrough at the University of Cambridge Photonics Labs in 2016. In the few years since, we’ve grown quickly, recruited an expert team of 40 and secured investment to help bring about a display revolution.

Current vacancies

We’re continually growing our team and require exceptional people with unique skills, passion, and curiosity to come on the journey with us.

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