Holograms may feel like magic, but we aren’t magicians

We are leading the display revolution by integrating our innovative and immersive holographic display technology into every conceivable consumer device.

Holograms may feel like magic, but we aren’t magicians
Our Vision

Our vision of the future is that all consumer products with a display will be holographic.

It’s a bold ambition requiring a number of breakthroughs. Luckily, we’ve built a team of world experts who’ve been able to overcome many of these challenges already.

Our first priority is to revolutionise VR and AR gaming, but we don’t see the visual revolution ending there. Our core technology will be applicable to anything with a screen from watches, smartphones and laptops, to monitors, TVs and even large-scale billboards.

our Leadership team
Darran Milne

CEO & Co-founder

Darran is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at VividQ. As CEO, he sets the company’s long-term vision and oversees the company’s investment and commercial strategy, establishing VividQ as the leading provider of holographic display technology.

A mathematician and theoretical physicist by training, Darran holds a PhD in quantum information theory and quantum optics from the University of St Andrews and the Max Planck Institute.

Tom Durrant

CTO & Co-founder

Tom is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at VividQ. As CTO, Tom heads the company’s technical strategy, guiding the productisation of VividQ’s technology, as well as leading the company’s long-term research strategy.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, and has a masters in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science with Distinction from the University of Oxford.

Philip Green


Philip, a highly experienced former CFO of Deliveroo, Amazon EMEA, and Groupon EMEA, excels in leading high-growth tech businesses. With a track record of scaling Amazon internationally and guiding Deliveroo through record growth, he's also known as a serial angel investor, collaborating on a media-centric fund and participating in athlete-led and deep tech funds.

Alfred Newman

Chief Innovation Officer

Alfred leads the research function at VividQ, delivering innovations in holographic display that set a new standard for image quality, resolution, brightness and compactness. He has over a decade of experience in finding practical ways to deploy emerging photonics techniques, having joined VividQ from Cambridge Consultants where he led the Applied Science capability, specialising in the miniaturisation and manufacture of advanced optical sensing systems for consumer, industrial and medical applications.

Alfred holds a Masters in Astrophysics from the University of Cambridge, his Master’s thesis on wavefront sensing for adaptive optical systems being awarded the highest mark in his year.

SJ Senanayake

Head of External Development & Co-founder

SJ holds a Masters in Engineering specialising in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, the latter of which was focused on holography and fibre optic sensing.

From this technical knowledge and his experience leading the Business Inclusive Lab, SJ manages VividQ’s product offerings with a highly technical and business benefit approach.

Roman Pechhacker

Head of Internal Development & Co-founder

Roman holds a doctorate in physics and astronomy. Alongside his extensive experience in computation and simulation, Roman has published four academic publications and holds a PhD on solar plasma wave generation and absorption.

He applies his interest in machine learning, high performance computing and algorithms to projects he leads at VividQ. With extensive software experience, he brings a deep technical understanding to the team, essential when bringing deep tech to real-world applications.

Robyn Moates

Senior Project Manager

Robyn oversees Project Management at VividQ, delivering projects on time and on budget and ensuring resourcing requirements across a programme of projects. She works with the team to produce realistic timelines and costings for all of our external projects and has a focus on internal team welfare and workload.

Robyn holds a Masters in Engineering specialising in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Cambridge, after which she worked in the Automotive and Consumer Electronics industries and brings with her a lot of knowledge of New Product Introduction (NPI), Standards and Approvals.

Alden Spiess

Head of Product Ownership

As Head of Product Ownership, Alden ensures day-to-day work across the business aligns with the strategic plan, and leads the Product Owner team in capturing scope, rationale and priorities clearly, and enabling collaboration and communication across teams.

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Alden worked for more than 10 years in Software Engineering, System Architecture and Product Management roles, then used that experience as a Product Owner to design and deploy Agile Software Project Management systems at multiple businesses, including TomTom Sports, prior to joining VividQ.

Stefan Innerhofer

Head of Business Development

Stefan is an experienced business development and sales professional with over a decade of expertise in a wide range of technology sectors, including ARVR, automotive, gaming, ad tech, and wireless connectivity. He has been with VividQ since 2018. Prior to joining VividQ, Stefan worked for an international strategy consultancy in Shanghai and ran a production business for drone-based VR footage.

Stefan holds a degree in Chinese Studies and Business Management from the University of Sheffield.

Samantha Creswick

Chief of Staff

Samantha holds two degrees from the University of Cambridge; a BA(Hons) in English, and an MPhil in Management from the Judge Business School, for which she also received the Glynn Jones Scholarship in Business & Management.

Before joining VividQ, Samantha built leadership and operational experience as Director of The May Ball Company Ltd., and as an Associate Consultant with The PSC - a London-based boutique management & strategy consultancy focused on the public sector.

At VividQ, Samantha holds the role of Chief of Staff. Her primary focuses lie in investor relations, fundraising, and directing and supporting specialist strategic initiatives on behalf of the C-Suite and Founders.

Our Investors
Advisory Board

To facilitate our journey, we have appointed an advisory board of California-based industry heavyweights who will support our management team in the rapid commercialisation of holography in the US and beyond.

The VividQ Advisory Board includes tech executives from leading consumer and technology companies, as well as serial entrepreneurs and investors, who will use their experiences to support VividQ in achieving its mission.

Colan Sewell
Colan Sewell

VP, Global Sales, Reality Labs @ Meta

Currently VP of Global Sales, Reality Labs at Meta, formerly VP of Sales for HTC’s VIVE VR business and, before that, Colan held numerous positions at Microsoft.

Janice Roberts
Janice Roberts

Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures

Silicon Valley based investor and operating executive. Currently Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures and a Director of  Zebra Technologies, Netgear, Totango and Uneeq. Formerly director of Zynga (Take-Two Interactive) and silicon tech giant ARM. Investor in R42 and Director of GBx supporting British Technology in the Bay Area.

John Jacobs
John Jacobs

VP, Sales, Samsung Display

A well-known figure in the display industry, John is currently VP of Sales at Samsung Display. Prior to that he held roles at AMD, Intel, Cisco and Apple.

Keyvan Peymani
Keyvan Peymani

Executive Chairman, Versus Systems

Currently Executive Chairman at Versus Systems and most recently Chief Brand and Commercial Officer at Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group. He is an experienced advisor, investor and mentor to tech start-ups.

Poking Li
Poking Li

General Manager, Syndiant

Currently General Manager at Syndiant, formerly VP of Marketing & Sales at Spatial Photonics and the founder of LCoS pioneer Aurora Systems, which was acquired by Omnivision in 2010.

Our awards
Our Journey So Far


Technical founders make major scientific breakthrough at the University of Cambridge Photonics Lab


VividQ is founded in Cambridge (UK) to commercialise major breakthrough and bring holography to consumer electronics


VividQ files a patent covering end-to-end holographic software framework

First commercial success with two OEM customers


VividQ establishes relationships with major embedded manufacturers

VividQ named Deep Tech Pioneer by Hello Tomorrow


VividQ wins KPMG Best British Tech Pioneer

VividQ founders Aleksandra Pedraszewska and Tom Durrant named by Forbes in their ‘30 Under 30’ list of top European innovators


VividQ announces development of ‘Triton’ algorithm, along with two further innovations to despeckle images and boost colour balancing


VividQ develops a fully-functioning demo platform to showcase holographic AR gaming


VividQ announces development of breakthrough 3D waveguide


VividQ shares images of retina resolution holograms displayed using 4K LCoS from JVCKENWOOD

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